Where Should New Curtain Rod Brackets Be Placed? [ 6 Important Factors to Consider ]

Where Should New Curtain Rod Brackets Be Placed? [ 6 Important Factors to Consider ]

I know when placing your curtain rod more specifically on your new curtain rod brackets the basic but important question you have in mind is Curtain rod bracket placement. So, I decided to provide you information and make it simpler.

Where should curtain rod brackets be placed?  My short answer is: You want to keep your window wide with more space and more uncovered windows than keep the brackets more than 5 inches distance from each other. If you want to keep the window space less than you can put the curtain rod brackets less than 5 inches distance. This is totally up to you how wide open or closed you want to keep the distance between one curtain rod bracket from the next one. Also, You can consider your window sizes, bracket sizes, fabric weight, and moreover whether you want to keep your window wide or not so wide.

I will discuss more and guide you on the best way you can place your curtain rod bracket that does make sense.

Focus on How to Make Your Curtain Rod Bracket Straight

Take a curtain rod bracket, put it on the wall, and make pencil marks, as simple as that. You can use a carpenter’s level measuring tape to make sure curtain rod brackets are straight. And then just mark the location of the screw holes by pointing with your pencil. Use one hand to put the bracket while you have the measuring tape or pencil in your other hand. It is important to keep the curtain rod bracket in a straight line but do not be too fussy as it will be perfect with simplicity.

Determine Drapery Curtain Rod Bracket Placement

First of all, you can start measuring the height of your curtain rod panels to hang. You can use a simple pencil and measuring tape to mark and measure the brackets on your wall. Look a bit from far and use a leveling lineup with the pencil marks to make sure your curtain rod will hang on that wall in a balanced and even way.

6 Important Factors to Consider When You Have This In Mind: Where Should New Curtain Rod Brackets Be Placed?

  • Your Window is wide open or more close with control
  • Different bracket sizes
  • Number of brackets you have
  • Measurement of how high you want to hang your window curtains
  • support brackets should be placed in relation to width if you want to keep wide window more width gaps between curtain rod brackets whether it is support bracket or end bracket. Think will it be 5 inches or more or less in between the curtain rod brackets.

Here is a cool third party article you can read here on how to measure for curtain rod brackets.

How to Adjust Curtains and Brackets in the Same High

You have to decide how high above your window you want to set the curtains. In a general curtain rod, you can put between 4 to 6 inches of your window frame. Of course, you can hang them higher if you want a more classical look for your curtain. I have seen that the highest curtain panels can make a room look taller.

For Hanging your Traditional Curtain Brackets Supplies You Will Need

Curtain rod
Pencil and paper
Tape measure

We will write more details on the supplies on our curtainrodreview.com website soon. You can sign up for our newsletter to get regular updates and tips.

Final Words

So when you have this in your mind where should curtain rod brackets be placed? It is a very simple and straightforward mindset and it does not need two people to place your new curtain rod brackets. All you have to do is keep it straight and the gap considering large window considerations. The whole process is as simple as that.

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