Graywind Motorized Blackout Roller Shade Review  [ 8 New Features ]

Graywind Motorized Blackout Roller Shade Review [ 8 New Features ]

This is a smart advanced roller shade for your integrated home which you can control via your smartphone app (Compatible with Android and iOS) at any time, even if you’re away from home, Alexa or Google Smart Home. You can voice control this Shade.  In this Article, I am going to share all the key features of this Graywind Motorized Blackout Roller Shade Review with lots of useful information :

This can be your smart shade with Built in Hardwired Window Shades and Thermal Insulated Window Blinds. Of course, You can customize the sizes and this particular is in Coffee shades which will bring a relaxed cozy atmosphere in your beautiful room. Graywind is a good brand in the smart roller shade industry.

In my article on Graywind Motorized Blackout Roller Shade Review, I will also talk about Key Specifications, Pros and Cons of this smart roller shade. Lastly, I will provide you my opinion on whether you should have this shade for your smart home.

So, let’s get started with our review!

Graywind Motorized Roller Shade: A General Overview

If you want to enjoy your integrated home make it more friendly where you can control everything via your app on your smartphone. This Graywind motorized roller shade is also compatible with Alexa and Google Home so that you can control it via voice.

The surface using cloth textured fabric and vinyl waterproof back cover will provide both extra thermal insulation and energy savings. Over the long term, it is fade resistant and durable, ensuring many years of use of this beautiful smart shade. 

8 New Features:

4 Ways to control Graywind Motorized Roller Shade both App and Hands Free:

Alexa: This is adaptable to Alexa.
Google Home

Remote control: One Remote Controller can control a maximum of 9 shades. 

App Control: You can set open or close time. You can also control wherever you are away from your sweet home.

Absolute privacy and relaxing:  This smart roller shade has linen and vinyl also has a white waterproof back layer. This can be customized to 100% blackout to make a relaxed environment from any incoming light.  This smart shade will also provide absolute privacy. 

Timer Set and Easy Control: Furthermore, You can set a timer to lower or raise these blinds shaded at your preferred timing. Imagine if you have an IP camera for your home and you see burglars or for any other reason you can control this blind shade from remotely using your mobile app at any time. This is Compatible with your Android or iOS devices.

Child safe, pet safe and environmental friendly: For your beautiful children and pets this cordless design is fully as it is RoHS Certificated and environmental friendly. You can easily take care of this shade. the bottom rod increases advanced balance.

Measurement and Personalization made to order for this Shade: Graywind Motorized Roller Shade is you can customize on your own from the order page or you can send them a message to get the accurate and your preferred measurement. 

Graywind Motorized Roller Shade package Includes:

  • High quality built in hardwired motor.
  • Mounting hardware.
  • Install instruction for an easy and quick installation.
  • Graywind installs the motor on the right side by default.

Warranty Graywind Motorized Blackout Roller Shade

For this smart shade you will get 2 years warranty for the motor and 1 year warranty for the parts by Graywind.


In our review we are not writing details on technical specifications for this Graywind Motorized Roller Shade, because on the order page the specifications breakdown into Blackout Rate and Control Mode. Also Voice and APP Control with Fabric Features and Other Features mode.

You can customize as per your need. There is a chart table you can easily understand because of its simplicity.

The Fabric Type for this shade is Polyester and Polyester Blend to make it environmentally friendly and durable.

Pros and Cons

  • Easy to install
  • Smart usability multiple Ways to control both App and Hands ( Alexa, Google Home, Android, iOS, Remote control, Apps )
  • Shades silent motors are powered from your mains electrical circuits, you don’t need to recharge batteries.
  • No labels indicating up or down on the Remote.
  • Less color option. This smart blind shade has Coffee color.

Where Can you find the Graywind Motorized Roller Shade?

Graywind sells exclusively on Amazon. Graywind Motorized Roller Shade can be customized as per your requirement as well. 

With Amazon, you will get Free Shipping and fast delivery for this.
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Final verdict

Once you have it you will want to have more for your whole home and also for your friends and family. Don’t take my word for it there are good reviews from repeat buyers on their page for this smart roller shade that integrates with all the smart technologies but is very easy to install. It is a good value for money for your comfort in your life. If this is the kind of blind shade you are looking for, this is worth considering.

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