Ultimate Guide on Best Traverse Curtain Rods [ 2022 Awesome Facts ]

Ultimate Guide on Best Traverse Curtain Rods [ 2022 Awesome Facts ]

Who doesn’t want a home with well-furnished and perfectly designed accessories to decorate their households? Curtains play a vital role in making a home well-decorated. So, if you want to have a better decoration on the curtain side, it is wiser to select appropriate tools for that. In this article,I am going to discuss the Best Traverse Curtain Rods for you, because not only the beauty of your curtains depends largely on it but also because it adds new functionality to traditional curtain rods.

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What are Traverse Curtain Rods?
To put it shortly, traverse curtain rods are a type of advanced curtain rods which use pulling strings for opening and closing the curtains. That means these types of curtain rods function in such a way that when the pulling strings are pulled accordingly, the curtains will move towards the direction they are being pulled at.

Functions of a Traverse Curtain Rod: What are the advantages?

The traversed curtain rods are popular mainly because of their easy functionality and low time consumption.
Before getting into the advantages, let me tell you the working principle of these draping rods.

Working Principle of Traverse Drapery Rods

The traverse curtain rods have the following parts and functions:
The rods are mechanical and have clips attached with the rods. Between those clips, there is a pulley which is designed to reduce the friction so that the clips can move back and forth without any hindrance. This pulley is attached with the strings and thus when you pull the strings, the curtains move.

There are some draping rods that are motorized, that means, they can be controlled through a remote controller.

Advantages of Traverse Curtain Rods: Why Would You Use It?

The benefits of using Mechanical Curtain Rods:

·        It is easier to open or close the curtains with these mechanical draping rods than the manual drapery rods.
·        It is more time consuming to pull and push the curtains manually while using the mechanical ones take only a pull of a string to open and close the curtains.
·        With the advanced drapery rods, you can fully spread the curtains and there will be no spaces between the curtains. So, using traverse drapery rods ensure accurate privacy and protect the room from unwanted eyes.
·        These advanced curtain rods are so simple and easy to use that anyone can control it effortlessly.
·        They amplify the beauty of a room and add more functionality. In addition to that, it also adds the taste of modernization in the room.
·        The double traverse draping rods can cover extra-long doors or extra-wide windows completely without having to install two separate rods to serve the purpose.

Types of Traverse Curtain Rods:

There are a few types of traverse rods available in the market. I will show you those types along with a relevant example for each of the types.

1.   Single Traverse Draping Rods:

These types of traverse curtain rods have only one main rod. It draws the curtains to only one side. Either right or left.

I am going to explain with an example. The Rod Desyne Rosen Traverse Rod . It attaches the curtains with the hooks or clips and then whenever the string is pulled, the clips move along the same direction. That is, if you place your drapes in the left of the rod, it will move right or vice versa. Thus, the single rod traverse curtain rods work.

They are used mainly in windows or 90 degrees wooden or other types of similarly functional doors.

2.   Two Way Traverse Curtain Rods:

The two-way traverse curtain rods have two rods, and both are used to draw the curtain on both sides.

Kirsch Superfine Traverse Two-Way Draw and Plain Rod is an example of such type of traverse curtain rods. The rods are designed in such a way that it pulls and pushes curtains from and to both sides or the middle of the rod. If the curtains are placed in the middle, the pulley stretches the curtains from both sides.

These types of curtain rods are mainly used for wider doors and windows which need multiple curtains to cover.

3.   Double Traverse Draping Rods:

The double traverse draping rods or commonly known as the heavy-duty traverse curtain rods are simply the combination of multiple types of curtain rods at the same time.

These traverse rods have two to three rods attached, giving the function of one way or two-way traverse rods at the same time.

For example, Rod Desyne Heavy Duty Double Traverse Rod is a type of double traverse draping rods which can also be said to be a multi-type draping rod.

These rods are mainly used for decoration AND beauty at the same time. Didn’t get what I said? The two types of curtain rods in these Traverse Rods are one for the decoration for enhancing the beauty and another one for ensuring privacy. If you want to use designer curtain rod covers–a valance –this type of traverse draping rods is perfect for those kinds of decoration.

4.   Motor-Driven Traverse Rods:

These types of curtain rods have motors inside them which run with electricity. These are fully automated and can be activated by remote controllers. In most cases, they can even be regulated by AI systems in smartphones. They are decorated with curtains faced against each other and move to the opposite side when instructed through the controller.

Check the model ‘Simple Smart – Remote Control Electric Curtain Tracks ’ as an example. These electric curtain rods are fully automated. The motors inside them run when they are provided with electricity AND as instructed.

These sorts of curtain rods are easy and simple to use. Using them will bring a hint of modernization in your home and make it more beautiful.

What to consider before buying a traverse curtain rod?

Before buying traverse curtain rods, you should know a few things. These are:

The theme of your house: If you have a color combination in the room you’re setting up the rod in, you should select the rod that suits your room appropriately and enhance it beautifully.

The length of the door or window: If you are thinking of hanging drapery from your door or window, you should measure its length accordingly. Anything but the appropriate drapery rod may degrade the beauty instead of enhancing it.

The appropriate type of traverse curtain rod: You must be cautious about selecting the appropriate curtain rod. If you are looking for a curtain rod for your office, the type which will be quick and advanced might be necessary. For that, you can select Double Traverse Curtain Rods or motorized curtain rods. For home, the best choice is the double traverse curtain rods. So, you will have to think about what type of drapery rod will suit your place.

Accessories of Drapery Rods:Sometimes you need to buy some additional accessories for the curtain rods to make them more attractive. Think about them and buy what will be suitable for you.

General Things to Know about Hanging Your Traverse Curtain Rods:

After you’ve bought the rods considering the mentioned facts in mind, you are now ready for installing the rods on your window or door.

Firstly, you need to install the brackets of the rods to hold them fixed in a place.

Secondly, you will have to push the ending points of the rods to their corresponding brackets one at a time and push them until they fall into place. When the curtain rods will be placed properly, they will make a clicking sound when you do.

Thirdly, fix the pulley straight under the opening of the string so that the pulley can move from the pull of the strings.

Finally, if you have any accessories to add to the traverse curtain rods, add them before placing the curtains. After you’re done, you can attach the rings or hooks of the rods to that of the curtains.

Some Frequently Asks Questions ( FAQs ) on Traverse Curtain Rods:

Q.1. What type of curtains goes with the traverse curtain rods?

       That depends on the place or room you’re hanging the rods. If you have a lightly decorated living room, try using curtains of a lighter shade. Decide the fabric of the curtains according to your tastes and the weather. Make sure whatever curtain you buy matches with the connecting joints of the draping rods.

Q.2. Are Traverse Rods out of style?

         The normal traverse rods are not out of style. You can always buy traditional traverse rods as they are simple and does not require much effort. But the mechanical traverse rods will give your room a theme of modern tastes and that is said to enhance the beauty of a place by manifold.

Q.3. Where should Curtain Rods go on a window?

         The most recommended way is to hand the rods a few inches higher from the window boundary. The reason is that sometimes the weather light rain or excessive heat from sunlight might damage the rods and the curtains. So, it is better if you hand the curtain rods a bit higher on the window.

Final Verdict

Over time, a lot of new features and decorations have been invented to beautify one’s place. Having Best Traverse curtain rods are one of the most significant among them. Since they have versatility in their uses and ensuring privacy being the top among those, they are being more popular day by day. So, you better stay updated with these and upgrade your traverse curtain rods to keep pace with the current modern world of home decoration!

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