Ultimate Guide on Best Shower Curtain Rods [ great tips for 2022 ]

Ultimate Guide on Best Shower Curtain Rods [ great tips for 2022 ]

Shower curtains play significance in your bathroom beautification. However, even if you have the most stylish bathroom with stylish curtains, if you don’t have sturdy and classy looking shower curtain rods it will not create many effects. A defective shower curtain rod discards the purpose of having curtains even if they are the beauty of your washroom. So, choose your shower curtain right before choosing the curtains!

Now that we know the significance of shower curtain rods in our bathroom, the concern revolves around the basic things to know before buying the appropriate curtain rods for your shower room. So, without further ado, let’s get further down to this article as I will break down all the things to know about shower curtain rods.

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Best Curved Shower Curtain Rod (Single Rod): Zenna Home Never Rust Aluminum Curved Shower Curtain Rod
Best Curved Shower Curtain Rod (Double Rod): Zenna Home Never Rust Double Curved Rustproof Shower Curtain Rod
Best Adjustable Shower Curtain Rod ( Double Curved ): Kingston Brass Adjustable Double Curved Stainless Steel Shower Curtain Rod
Best Extra long Shower Curtain Rod: Amazer Shower Curtain Rod 54 to 90 Inches Rust Resistant Curtain Rod Adjustable Tension Shower Curtain Rod

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There are also Double Shower curtain rods. I am working to publish a full detailed review very soon.

What are Shower Curtain Rods? Generally, shower curtain rods are a type of rod; curved or straight use for hanging curtains in the bathroom. The rods used to hang curtains and beautifying the bathroom with the functionality of enhanced privacy in the bathroom are what you call Shower Curtain Rods.

Shower Curtain Rods Types

Types of Shower Curtain Rods:

There are a lot of varieties of shower curtain rods. You can see a brief introduction of them all with an example for each below:

1.   Straight Shower Curtain Rods:

Straight shower curtain rods are also known as straight wall mounted shower curtain rods. These types of rods are straight and fixed at straight two points on the wall.There is not much hard work necessary for putting up these curtain rods.

For example,BRIOFOX Shower Curtain Rods, Rust Free Non-Fall Down, Stainless Steel . This shower rod is made of stainless steel and can cover your bathroom windows with curtains well. These kinds of shower curtain rods are easy to install and are very durable in comparison to other types.

They are mainly used to cover bathroom doors and windows. These are suitable for bathrooms of any shape. Some of them are adjustable according to the size of the bathroom door or window. So, you can never go wrong buying them!

2.   Curved Shower Curtain Rods (Single Rod):

Curved Shower curtain rods are a bit curved according to the shape of the shower room you have in your bathroom. The rod connecting the endpoints is a bit curved.

Zenna Home Never Rust Aluminum Curved Shower Curtain Rod is such kind of shower curtain rod. As you can see, these shower curtain rods are perfect to cover a rounded portion. Most preferably, around the bathtub.

3.   Curved Shower Curtain Rods (Double Rod):

These shower curtain rods are the same as Single rod curved rods except they have two rods. They are a bit more difficult to hang but once you hang them, your bathroom will become more fashionable.

Zenna Home Never Rust Double Curved Rust proof Shower Curtain Rod is one of the most popular double shower curtain rod models. You can hand stylish curtains in the bathroom by using these double rodded shower rods. In one side, you can hang the styled curtains and a waterproof curtain on the other side that is most likely to get wet.

4.   Adjustable Shower Curtain Rods:

These are special kinds of rods that can be adjusted variably according to the size and shape of the wall you’re going to attach it to. So, with these, you don’t need to worry about the measurement of your shower room or window.

There are straight adjustable shower curtain rods (Moen TR1000BN Tension Brushed Nickel ), single rod curved shower curtain rods (Moen CSR2160BN ), and double rod curved shower curtain rods (Kingston Brass ). So, you can choose whichever adjustable shower curtain rods would suit you well.

5.   Extra-long Shower Curtain Rods:

The length of shower curtain rods is one of the prime factors of buying shower curtain rods. You can choose the length of shower curtain rods as you seem fit for your shower room. Even though the popularity of regular-sized shower rods is popular, some people prefer longer shower curtain rods.

In terms of length, you can find upto 95 inches long shower curtain rods. The Amazer Shower Curtain Rod 54 to 90 Inches Rust Resistant Curtain Rod Adjustable Tension Curtain Shower Rod is one such rod. You can use these kinds of longs rods if you want to cover the whole bathtub.

Functions and Advantages of Shower Curtain Rods:

         Just so you have guessed, shower curtain rods are used in bathrooms and shower rooms to hang the curtains around the showering portion of the bathroom or across the windows.

Now, I’ll show you exactly why a shower curtain is needed, i.e., the advantages of using shower curtain rods.

The Benefits of Using Shower Curtain Rods :

There are various benefits depending on what type of shower curtain rod you use. I shall list all of them for you below:

  • The shower curtain rods ensure extra privacy for you when you’re in the bathroom.
  • The curled rods separate the showering part of your bathroom.
  • The doubled shower curtain rods will not only protect your privacy, but it will also protect your other fashionable curtains used on the other side.
  • There are fashionable shower curtain rods that add beauty and elegance to your washroom.
  • If you have guests coming over to your home and you don’t have the luxury to use the washroom to yourself fully, curtains hanging on the shower curtain rods will make partition in your bathroom. so, now you can share the bathroom without invading anyone’s privacy.

What Are the Considering Factors While Choosing Shower Curtain Rods?

There are a few factors to consider when you are buying curtain rods for your shower room. These are:

  • The size of the Room or Window: It is an important factor because the length of the curtain rods to buy depend on this factor.
  • The Shape of the Room or Tub: You have to consider this factor to decide what shape of curtain rods you need, whether curved or straight.
  • The Background Design of Your Bathroom:If you buy curtain rods that do not match with your bathroom, then the bathroom will not be attractive. This nullifies one of the purposes of shower rods. So, you have to be careful of that while you buy curtain rods.
  • The Material of the Curtain and the Rods:Since they’re going to be used in shower rooms, you have to choose such materials for both the curtains and the rods. Because, if not, due to exposure to water, the materials might deteriorate. Therefore, it is best to check before buying.

Frequently Ask Questions FAQs on Shower Curtain Rods:

Why do my shower rods keep falling? What can I do to solve this problem?
The main reason behind it might be the curtain you are hanging might be too heavy for the rods. Another possible reason might be that the brackets are weak. Try placing the rods a bit longer and higher than the bathtub. Then, slowly decline the rods to make the grip stronger. Even after that, if the shower rods do not fix, try changing the brackets. If the problem is still there, if it doesn’t work, change the curtains. That should solve your problem.

How can I Install Shower Rods on Tiles?
Hanging shower rods on tiles is not easy but there are two ways to it. One, you have to dig two holes to set up the brackets first. This way you can hang a shower curtain rod permanently. Two, you can set up rubber brackets. But this is not safe. Your shower curtain rods are likely to fall if you use heavy curtains.

How can I Tighten the Shower Rods?
At first, you have to adjust the rods a bit longer than the tub. Then, you have to put up the rods in an angle with the shower tub. Lastly, slowly pull down the rods. This will tighten your shower rods.

How can I Install Shower Curtain Rods on Ceramic Tile?
Installing shower rods on ceramic tiles can be quite troublesome. Like normal tiles, you can drill a hole in the walls to set up the brackets. Or you can use curtain rod holders to hold the curtain rod for you well. In addition to that, you can use rubber bracket holders for support when hanging the rods on those kinds of tiles.

Final Verdict on Shower Curtain Rods:

Shower curtain rods are an important part of bathroom furniture.So, before selecting the curtain rods, you must consider the mentioned factors and buy which type is appropriate for you.

Moreover, there are also some designer covers found show shower curtain rods. You can use them to beautify your bathroom more. At the end of the day, no matter what design you choose, it won’t change the fact that shower curtain rods add functionality and modernization in your bathroom!

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