Best Campers RV Curtain Trailers Rods [ 2022 Reviews and Guide ]

Best Campers RV Curtain Trailers Rods [ 2022 Reviews and Guide ]

RV or recreational vehicle is a popular transport among the campers and travelers. Curtains add beauty to not only the insides of these RVs but also the outsides. So, for different purposes, you need to choose the best campers rv curtain trailers rods well suited for your rv camping van.

What are Curtain Rods for Campers or Travel Trailers RV?  The curtain rods used for hanging the curtains in recreational vans are known as the curtain rods. Since they are specially made for the trailer vans, they are separately denoted as Curtain Rods specifically for a travel trailer. Their size, length, and designs differ from the regular ones you use for your house.

Types of Campers RV Curtain Trailers Rods:

The types depend on which room you are looking for. Curtains can be used in RV windows, doors, sunshades, bathroom doors, shower rooms, and so on.

So, I will separate these types basing on Normal Room Curtain rods and Shower Curtain Rods.

Best Campers RV Curtain Trailers Rods

Types Used in Normal Rooms / Curtain Rods for Campers RV Types:

Curtain Rods for Campers RV Windows:

There are adjustable curtain rods that you can use to hang curtains across trailer windows. For example, the tension curtain rods for RV. They are not only adjustable but also very stylish to look at.

You can also use similar curtain rods on the window sunshade. These curtain rods along with some stylish curtains will beautify your RV on a whole new level.

Curtain Rods for Campers RV Doors:

Similar to windows, adjustable tension curtain rods can also be used on RV doors. Because of their adjustability, you can use them in RV doors of any shape.

Campers RV shower curtain rods Types: 

For Campers RV Shower Room Windows:

You can use curtain rods like Clear Shower Stall Curtain Liner. Using a light shaded curtain with this curtain rod will contrast or complement the color of your RV shower room. In either way, this curtain rod will be very convenient for you to hang the curtain on your RV shower windows.

Around the Shower Campers RV Curtain Rods:

Curtains will separate a fixed portion of your shower room for showering and washing purposes. So, you must choose a bendable shower curtain rod if you don’t want to use multiple shower rods just for this occasion. There is a lot of bendable shower curtain rod in the market for you to choose from. Select the rods that will look great with your RV bathroom.

Apart from this, there are some special types of curtain rods also used in RVs.

Small Curtain Rods for Campers RV:

These are generally of 11.8 inches to 20 inches in length. You can use them in the kitchen or other cabinets to hang small curtains. These are mainly a type of tension curtain rod.  ( curtain rods for cabinets )

Outdoor Shower Curtain Rods for Campers RV:

These are around 30 inches of curtain rods that you can use outside. They are bent rectangular shaped. So, you can have full privacy outdoors whether at the time of showering or changing.

Campers RV Shower Curtain Rod Extender:

Shower curtain rod extenders like these are extra-long shower curtain rods covering from smaller space to longer showers.

Functions and Advantages of Best Campers RV Curtain Trailers Rods:

Normally, curtain rods protect the inside of the vehicle from external harms like dust and pollution. So, you have to select the curtain rods that will serve you this purpose properly. Other than this, the functionality of curtain rods is to serve the purpose of hanging curtains and not falling.

Advantages of Using Best Campers RV Curtain Trailers Rods:

The advantages of having curtain rods in these trailers are given below –

·        These curtain rods depending on their design improve the look of your trailer van a great deal. Even when you’re not using any curtains, these curtain rods make everything look stylish and classy.

·        The most obvious advantage is that it lets you hang appropriate drapes for your van. Consider the color of your van and choose curtains accordingly. When you hang flawlessly designed curtains on the rods with designed brackets make your RV gleam with perfection!

·        Hanging curtains on the rods give you security from outside peeping eyes and protect your privacy and personal space. Moreover, this activity also protects your RV room from not getting dirty from outside pollution. So, a strongly held curtain rod will serve you all these purposes very smoothly.

·        Speaking of the curtain rods, if you use a bent curtain rod around your shower, you can easily pull in and pull out the cover. There is no chance of getting the curtains getting stuck on the corners. Moreover, you can adjust the extendable shower curtain rods around your shower room regardless of their shape or size.

·        Sometimes, you need to hang curtains outside the doors and windows of the RVs. When you use a strong curtain rod made just for the RVs, it will protect your curtains from getting fallen over. So, you don’t need to worry about your favorite curtains getting spoiled by getting under the tires.

·        You can also use them for hanging clothes if that is convenient for you.

Hanging or Installing Camper RV Trailer Curtain Rods:

The walls in RV are so light that you might face trouble while hanging curtain rods in RV. Although there are a few things you can do if you want to install a curtain rod.

 First thing first, if you want a long term durable attachment of curtain rods, install plastic brackets in the holes. There is a drawback to this step. If you don’t remove these brackets, they will last longer. But if you remove them later, your van wall will deteriorate unless you fix it immediately. Also, you might want to choose something more attractive looking as they are impossible to hide.

 Besides that, you can also use vinyl-coated plywood or command strips. These tools get stuck in walls that will support you while installing the rods easily. You just have to keep the weight of the curtains or whatever you’ll be hanging. If you’re going to hang anything heavy use more plywood or command strips.

FAQs on Best Campers RV Curtain Trailers Rods :

Q1. Which command strip would be perfect for hanging curtain rods?

 The 3M command strips are very popular in terms of hanging RV curtain rods without drilling holes. Their base has strong adhesives. So, there is less chance of the strips coming off. There are other command strips with strong adhesives. You can also use them if they fit your purpose.

Q2. Can Command Strips or Vinyl Coated Plywood hold up my heavily designed Curtains?

Yes, the command strips or vinyl coated plywood can perfectly hold up your curtain rods. But if the curtains or the fabric you’re hanging is too heavy, then you can use some heavy load capacity or maybe use multiple strips if necessary.

Final Verdict on Best Campers RV Curtain Trailers Rods:

Finally, I’d like to add that curtain rods for RVs have a variety of designs along with being very functional. So, explore and choose the best and most appropriate curtain rods for your camping home! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to